alimenti antiossidanti

Powellnux is the product of my studies of diet in centenarian populations and my daily experience with my patients.

Faced with dietary instructions that I suggested, I was often asked: “But Doctor, why are most foods that taste good bad for your health?”

In my head, I had developed the idea of creating a mixture that could have an antioxidant effect on the body, which would be able to have scientifically proven beneficial effects on health. It would be a completely natural product without any contraindications, but one that also tastes good! A “natural drug” that’s good to eat, that makes patients want to use it, and that doesn’t make them feel like they are taking medicine.

That day in Turin, I explained my idea to a chemist named Giovanni, along with the data that I had gathered from an accurate analysis of the majority of large scientific studies in the literature. “What type of vitamin or compound would you add to the ingredients to make it more effective?” I asked him. “Look, Professor,” he gently interrupted, “in some of the foods that you mentioned, there is such a large quantity of polyphenols (natural antioxidants) that we don’t need to add anything.”

The formula already existed!

And that’s where the adventure began. The project took form and became a mixture of hazelnuts (from the Langhe region in Piedmont), dark cacao (dark chocolate), and Japanese green tea (Matcha). These are all ingredients proven by the scientific literature to possess curative qualities and that are able to maintain their properties over time. Collecting and preserving them does not impact their nutritional or flavor characteristics, which can happen with other foods. We started performing mixing tests in the food laboratory. At the same time, I worked in the laboratory on the composition of polyphenols and their antioxidant power.

We added honey, another food rich in polyphenols, to the mixture of hazelnuts, cacao, and green tea to reduce the amount of sugars with a high glycemic index.

After about two years of research performing food tests, biochemistry tests, and functional tests and short pilot studies on volunteers, we developed the final formula with the exact amounts of the selected ingredients. The mixture was prepared and produced in the form of a cream spread using a one-of-a-kind cold system so that the antioxidant powers of the ingredients would be preserved as much as possible. The cream spread was produced by an artisanal company, also located in the Piedmont region of Italy.

Given that it is a completely natural dietary mixture, without any chemical additives, the goal was to make it entirely absorbable by the body. Laboratory tests indicate that the amount of polyphenols is extremely high, thanks to the combination of multiple foods, all with a high content of natural antioxidants. The other source of satisfaction is from the “palatability” (taste) tests, which confirm the product’s special, original, and delicious taste.

From three of the product’s characteristics, its name was born: Powellnux. “Po” stands for power, “well” for wellness, and finally “nux” for hazelnut in Latin. But only its name has the appearance of being foreign. The product’s true spirit (the hazelnut) is 100% “made in Italy.” Just as its history is Italian, so too are the people who helped me make it.

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